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Dr Scott Morton

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Manu Katene 

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Steve McKinlay

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Scott Morton

Dr Scott Morton

I am Dr Scott Morton and have been teaching for over 15 years. I come from an industry background working in infrastructure, networking, electronics and hardware. I am originally from the UK but have been in New Zealand for the past 15 years. My area of expertise comes in the form of infrastructure, security, networking, project management and cloud. I also have strong ties with industry as I look after the Capstone projects for the undergraduates and the internship courses for both under and postgraduate. I enjoy working with postgraduate or Masters Students who are interested in security, cloud and infrastructure.


Dr Dax Roberts

Dr Roberts completed his PhD by research thesis from the University of Otago in Data Remanence. That's a fancy term for examining second-hand hard drives and finding all sorts of juicy/interesting/useful information that people may not even realise still exists. This is a specialisation of Digital Forensics which is one of the main courses offered as part of the Cyber Security Degree course.

Dr Roberts also has strong interests in Information Assurance, Cyber Security and Networking/Infrastructure. More important than topic names however is passion so if there is something you are keen on in the field of Security and want to investigate it further especially at the Postgraduate level, he'll be keen for an initial discussion.


A former Programme Manager, Course Supervisor and Head of School, Ian has many years’ experience in the IT sector and the Electrical and Electronics Manufacturing industry, with a real passion for teaching and learning. His main specialities are Electronics, Hardware, Wireless Networking, Operating Systems, Database and Projects. Ian is responsible for all W&W’s Internships, Cadetships and acts as the school’s liaison with industry. He has a Master of Science with a Technology major from Waikato University, and a Diploma in Tertiary Teaching. 


Dr Trang Do  

Dr Trang Do is an enthusiastic lecturer and a scientist in Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Digital Integrated Circuit design and Video Codecs. She earned her B.Eng. degree in Information Technology, her M.Sc. degree in Information Processing and Communications, and her Ph.D. degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering from the National University of Singapore. Before she joined W&W in 2020, she was a lecturer in the Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Vietnam and a scientist in the Agency for Science, Technology and Research, Singapore. Her current interests focus on data analytics and health informatics. She has published extensively in international journals and conference proceedings.


Clement Swarnappa

Clement works in the areas of Web and Mobile Application Design and Development. He graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering from India and has a Master of Science from Malaysia. His experience includes Micro-controller based automation design, Web and Mobile application Development and Computer Programming.  His current research includes Web and Mobile Application Development, Social Media Filtering, Data Scrapping, and Data mining. 

 image19 Richa Panjabi

Richa is an experienced IT professional with over 10 years of experience in IT training. She has a Bachelor of Science, a Master’s in Computer Science, and a Diploma in Systems Management. She also has a New Zealand Certificate in Adult and Tertiary Teaching (Level 5). 

Richa specialises in Object Oriented Programming languages (like C, C++ and Java), Mobile Programming, Relational Databases, Data Science & Analytics, Software Testing & DevOps. 

Passionate about empowering her students with adequate theoretical and practical hands-on experience to succeed in their chosen career path, she remains up to date with recent developments in the technology sector.  


Dr Anthony Allsobrook  

Anthony approaches teaching from a science background with B.Sc. (Hons) and PhD from Rhodes University.  Doctoral thesis involved a structural elucidation of a marine algal polysaccharide from Aeodes ulvoidea. I have also been involved in research using high-resolution mass spectrometry, investigating chemical carcinogens and cancer of the oesophagus and of the human vaginal vault.  I have also worked in the areas of agricultural meteorology, soil chemistry, metallurgy, and testing in the petrochemical industry. All this led to extensive publications in international journals.  Through teaching at the CIT I have gained practical knowledge of virtually all the chemical and food processing works in New Zealand, and especially with regard to statistics - from the collection, number crunching and interpretation of data from a vast number of fields.  Since 2001 I have taught in various areas on the BIT, but especially Mathematics and Statistics and Programming in C and C++.  I am passionate about giving beginning students a solid, high-quality foundation to underpin their future studies on an IT degree.

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Diana Eyes has over 30 years of experience in her field, and more than 11 years experience teaching. She also works in LGBTQI advocacy and is passionate about equality and advocating for human rights. In 2014, she was given an award by the CEO of W&W for excellence in teaching. Previously a volunteer firefighter and emergency response volunteer, Diana is also a member of AITP (Association of Information Technology Professionals) CAPP Academy Prsp (CompTIA Academy Partnership Program), AWIT (Advancing Woman in I.T.), ADIT (Advancing Diversity in I.T.), CompTIA’s Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) Channel Community, and the CompTIA Trainer Network.  

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Steve Cosgrove 

After teaching data networking-related topics for over twenty years, I am now actively researching the next generation of Ethernet networking – Software Defined Networking (SDN).

As well as this, I am conducting and supervising research looking at how a variety of wireless networking protocols behave in a New Zealand native bush environment.  This has lead to researching hardware and software in the related Internet of the things growth area.

I've been involved in the New Zealand ICT industry since 1982.  Keeping in touch with the exciting Wellington ICT industry, including the leading industry professional body, IT Professionals New Zealand, means my experience is current and reflects industry directions.  I use this knowledge to focus students on course content that will help them get into the industry, and progress in the future.

 Ida Saidon

Ida joined Whitiriea & WelTec in March 2020, just a few weeks before lock-down. She provides admin support to the Schools of IT, Business Admin and ESOL. Before this, she was an HR Administrator for 5 years. Ida is systems and process-oriented and her strengths are coordination and customer service. 

 Yuliya Khrypko

Dr Yuliya Khrypko

Yuliya has over 15 years of experience as an IT researcher and project manager. She is particularly interested in interdisciplinary research including artificial intelligence (AI), interactive narrative, and computational psychology. Yuliya enjoys helping her students strive in their learning and inspires them to undertake their own research projects. 
 Bodil Giversen Macintosh

Bodil Giversen Macintosh


Manu Katene

Ko Whitireia te Maunga 

Ko Raukawakawa te Moana 

Ko Ngati Toa Rangatira te Iwi  

Ko Takapuwahia te Marae 

Ko Manu Katene ahau 

Manu has been teaching for over 20 years, focusing on IT related courses covering NZQA unit standards and certificate level 2 up to bachelor level degree papers. He has a passion for teaching lower-level courses and encouraging learners to excel, particularly Iwi Māori. Manu is a board member of Te Runangao Toa Rangatira, chairperson of Takapuwahia Marae committee, and Iwi representative on the Whitireia Park Board. He has supervised level 7 capstone projects to develop Te Reo Learning apps and the Treaty of Waitangi mapping website. He has a Master’s in Information Technology. 


Dr Reza Moosaei  

Reza has a Bachelor in Software Engineering, Master’s in Artificial Intelligence, and a PhD in Semantic Web Data Integration. Before joining W&W in 2014, he taught at Taylors University, one of the top universities in Malaysia. He mainly teaches web programming and data mining courses, but his research interest is in Semantic Web Technologies and Data Mining techniques. Reza’s current research project is on Educational Data Mining. 

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Robert Sutcliffe  

Robert Sutcliffe has taught at Whitireia & WelTec for the past 20 years. An experienced networking engineer, and qualified in IS management, Robert’s teaching focuses on project management and coordinating the Bachelor’s Capstone Projects – the projects that students complete in their last year. He encourages out-of-the-box thinking in designing solutions to real-world problems, often using humour and personal anecdotes to illustrate concepts so students can understand easily. 

 Adrian Hargreaves

Adrian Hargreaves

Adrian has been interested in data science for the last decade, particularly around using data visualisation techniques to tell a narrative with data. An expert of R Studio, a sophisticated statistical programming and visualisation tool, he shares his expertise in the Applied Data Science major. Adrian has extensive industry experience in New Zealand and the UK using Oracle DBMS. During his time at Whitireia, he has developed his expertise in SQL Server Management Studio, MS Analysis Services, MS Reporting Services and MS Integration Services. 

 Geoff Gordon

Geoff Gordon  

Geoff is a Network Administrator who helps students, staff, and lecturers with technical support. A self-described hardware guru, Geoff is our on-site fix-it man who offers efficient technical solutions and helpful ideas. 

 Waqar Khan

Dr Waqar Khan  

Dr. Waqar has a Bachelor with honours in Computer Science, a Master’s in Computer Software Engineering, and a PhD in Computer Science. He’s an experienced software development tutor and specialises in the delivery of game development and machine learning courses. Dr. Waqar has published extensively in the areas of machine learning and computer vision. He has been a member of the Centre for Robotics & Vision research group at AUT, and is actively involved in postgraduate research supervision at W&W. 

 Susan Scott

Sue Scott

Over her 30 years of design experience, Sue Scott has worked in a broad range of design disciplines such as point of sale advertising Web Communications, film marketing, films, special effects, and interactivity including games. 

Sue has directed hit films and won multiple awards. In 2001 the BBC World Life series interviewed her in exegesis on new media works. It is inherent that through new graphic forms, interactivity and platforms, that new technologies offer significant contributions to storytelling. For this reason, Sue’s Master’s Thesis which investigates and contextualises the way new technologies and narrative systems can liberate narratives has acquired significant attention. In recent years her focus has been in helping students to better understand, utilise and develop design thinking processes through which interactive IT products can be developed. 

 Michele Carroll

Michele Carroll  

Michele has been an IT administrator since 2001.  She enjoys an admin role where she can have meaningful interactions with staff and students. She has a Level 5 qualification in IT. 

 Minjie Hu

Dr Minjie (Min) Hu

Min started teaching IT in New Zealand 1997 and before that, he taught IT at a university in China for eight years. He mainly teaches computer software courses such as Programming I and II, Software Development, Software Testing, Database, Data Analytics and Business intelligence. Having published extensively in NZ, Australia, and the USA, Min’s research focuses on teaching novices programming, engagement in eLearning, data analytics in business and finance information, and software testing. 


Tony Assadi  

Tony Assadi is one of the Programme managers at the School of IT who is responsible for the undergraduate Programmes at Whitireia and the postgraduate IT Programmes at the Wellington campus.

Tony has been involved in a variety of roles in the NZ IT industry and the tertiary education sector since 1998. He has been working at Whitireia & WelTec since 2002, teaching Programming, Database Design, Object-oriented Design and Development, Mobile Application Development, Project Management while also supervising a range of undergraduate Capstone and postgraduate research projects. Tony’s research interests are in Work-Integrated Learning, Computational Thinking in tertiary education, and Digital Divide research. He is passionate about teaching and helping students fulfil their goals.  

 Diane Strode

Dr Diane Strode

Diane teaches courses in the Bachelor of Information Technology, supervises Master’s thesis research projects, and coordinates and teaches courses in the Master of Information Technology for the Wellington ICT Graduate School. From March 2020, she will be a visiting Research Fellow at the Open University in the United Kingdom. Diane has teaching experience at Regensburg Technical University in Germany and Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand. Her expertise is in Agile Software Development, Agile Project Management, systems and Software Modelling, Requirements Analysis, and System Testing. Diane’s research focuses on information systems development and the impact of agile software development on projects, teams, and organisations 

 Hamid Mahroeian

Dr Hamid Mahroeian

Hamid joined Whitireia Community Polytechnic and the Wellington Institute of Technology in 2019. He has a PhD from the University of Otago which focussed on the area of analytics across New Zealand Higher Education institutions. He delivers papers such as Fundamentals of Programming Languages, Web Development, Software Development and Design, Information Systems Management, Software Quality Assurance and Testing, and Interactional Design Fundamentals. Hamid’s research interests cover areas such as Learning Analytics, Big Data, and Educational Technology. 


Terry Jeon  

Terry has been teaching Database, System Analysis & Design, and computer programming for almost 20 years. He has an industry qualification of Oracle database (OCP) and a Master's degree in Knowledge Management. His main focus is developing students to be industry-ready, and in his free time, he researches the efficiency of Pair Programming. 


Glenda Shaw  

Glenda has an executive MBA. Her areas of expertise are Business Management, Project Management, and Information Systems. 


 MV Headshot 3

Dr Marta Vos

Marta has been teaching at Whitireia since 2014, and is currently the Post-graduate Co-ordinator. Currently, she teaches Research Methods in the post-graduate school, and has taught a range of other subjects including introduction to database, data visualization, and systems analysis.  She also supervises Postgraduate Diploma and Master of IT projects, as well as being an external PhD supervisor. Her primary research interests lie in understanding the nature of the IT artifact, particularly from the cultural/indigenous perspective, as well as in the implementation and management of data and IoT systems. Her industry experience includes working in business intelligence and data analytics, as well as being a project manager.


Chalinor Baliuag

Chalinor has Masters and Bachelor degree in Computer Engineering.

She is passionate about IT education with nearly two decades of teaching and leadership experience in tertiary education in New Zealand and overseas universities. Before coming to the Programme Manager role at WelTec, she enjoyed teaching Software Development courses such as Programming III, Software Development & Testing and Mobile Application Development. Her research interests are in developing technological solutions that aid students and staff in designing buildings.

She’s a great believer that one of the most significant influencers in student’s life is a teacher.

Steve IT

Dr Steve McKinlay

Dr Steve McKinlay has over 12 years experience working in the IT industry throughout the 1990s in a variety of roles including programming in various languages, database analysis, design and administration and as a consultant. Steve began teaching at Weltec in the early 2000s and has taught across a wide variety of topics from Analysis and Design, Database, and Information Management. Most recently Steve developed the Digital Ethics course, a first in an IT Bachelor degree in New Zealand. Steve’s research sits at the intersection of technology and computing ethics, and the impacts of emerging technology on society, work and democracy. He has spoken as a guest and presented at conferences at many Universities around the world, he regularly publishes in international journals and has several chapters in various texts.  Steve completed a PhD with Charles Sturt University in 2014, winning the Litwin award (2013) for research in the Philosophy of Information for his work. Steve also teaches at Regensburg University, Bavaria, Germany and chairs the Open Polytechnic’s Ethics Committee.  Steve is currently the Executive Director of the International Association of Computing and Philosophy. 

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Drew Duncan

Drew started his IT training career in the UK as an MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer) teaching Microsoft technologies back in 1999. After emigrating to NZ in 2007 the move from industry to the tertiary education sector also saw the addition of Cisco networking from 2011 when he joined WelTec.

With a Masters in Networking and Systems Administration combined with a passion for teaching he loves nothing more than seeing what can be achieved with the right support and encouragement. Drew’s advocacy for students and staff alike has only been strengthened by his appointment to the role of WelTec Branch President for the TEU (Tertiary Education Union).