Credit Recognition

What is credit recognition?

If you have relevant skills and knowledge through study or experiences in work or other activities, you may be able to receive credit for them when enrolling in a programme of study. This is done through a process called credit recognition. Credit recognition may not exceed two-thirds of your chosen programme.


Cross credit may be awarded if you already have credit for a similar course or courses. A minimum of 80% of the learning outcomes of the course for which you seek the credit recognition must be covered.

Recognition of prior learning (RPL) assesses evidence of what you have already learned from paid or unpaid work experiences and any study, against the learning outcomes of a course. You need to provide evidence that you have met at least 80% of the learning outcomes to be awarded the course credit. If there are gaps in your evidence, you may be asked to complete a challenge assessment, practical assessment, or professional conversation to confirm that you have met the learning outcomes. A course tutor will be assigned to advise you on the evidence you will be required to provide.

Credit transfer is awarded when you have successfully completed an identical course in another programme. The original grade is recorded for the credit transfer.

For full information refer to A3-P3 Credit Recognition Procedures 


What evidence do I need?

A cross credit application requires the following evidence:

  • Academic Transcript/s of completed study
  • Course Descriptor for each course, showing course title, credits, learning outcomes, number and type of assessments

A Recognition of Prior Learning application may include the following evidence:

  • Attestation from employer (manager)
  • Attestation from colleague/s
  • Portfolio of work
  • CV
  • Academic Transcript/s of completed study
  • Course descriptors


How do I apply?

If you think you may qualify for credit recognition, please ask the Enrolment Advisor, or speak to the School. It is important to do this as soon as possible so that you know which course/s you may have credit for, and therefore should not enrol in. They can then assist you to check the potential impact of credit recognition on your full-time status for eligibility for loans and allowances (domestic students) and immigration requirements (international students).

If you decide to proceed with an application for cross credit or RPL, complete the A3-F3.1 Credit Recognition Application Form

If you are eligible for a credit transfer it is not necessary to complete a credit application form and there is no fee. Talk to the School about getting a credit transfer.

A3-F3.1 Credit Recognition Application Form 



There is an Application Fee of $75 for domestic students only. For both domestic and international students, the fee for assessing evidence is $100 per hour. The assessment fee is capped at 3 hours and is invoiced to all applicants at the end of the process regardless of the application outcome.