WelTec responds to need by offering evening classes for business students

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WelTec School of Business has responded to student needs for flexible study by offering evening classes in Central Wellington for the New Zealand Diploma of Business (Level 5).

“There are a lot of people out there who want to upskill, but cannot take time out of their working day, so it made sense to us to offer classes outside of regular working hours,” said Operations Manager at WelTec School of IT and Business, Glynis Valli.

In a time of change and uncertainty due to Covid, Glynis and her team also see upskilling as a way to create more confidence for employees.

“Many people who want to get further training, change direction, or build capability do not want to lose productivity during the day, we responded to this by offering the programme in town at night,” says Glynis.

“The New Zealand Diploma of Business is a really great starting point for growth and development for those already in the workplace, it offers a wide range of subject matter such as business operations, accounting, marketing and sales strategies, and how principles of the Treaty of Waitangi can be applied to business practice in Aotearoa.”

If students are interested in continuing their studies once they complete the Diploma in Business, the diploma can also be credited as the first year of Bachelor of Applied Business Management.

“The diploma could be an opportunity for someone who has been in the workforce for a long time and is looking for a way to move up or have a complete change in career,” says Glynis. “It could be for someone who never thought studying was an option for them because they have to work, or it could be for a small business owner that wants to upskill, or provide some professional development for staff.”

The evening classes are split into 8-week blocks of two papers so there are a number of opportunities to start your studies throughout the year.

Applications for the course are open to all students with NCEA level two (or equivalent) or anyone over 20 years of age up until March 15.


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