Project Team

  • Allen Shelly
  • Dhvani Patel
  • Amanpreet Singh
  • Pavel Klimov



This project was initially focused as a database design project when it was handed out. Howeverafter the initial meeting with the client the scope of the project was totally changed from database design to a website design project. The exponential growth of Wellycon has created administrative challenges. A series of methods have been utilised to manage administration that includethe spot meetups and registration. We managed to produce a decent website fulfilling the functionality required.



The main scope of the project was to make a system that can be used in upcoming years of Wellycon board game contests. We designed the website with the homepage, about us page, contact us pageand the registration page. This page has the main functionality that was required by the client. Through this page users can register themselves with the games that they played. They can also provide feedback on a game. As a result of this thperson gets registered to the Play To Win” contest. 

All the data we restored in the backend dashboard can be exported into Excel which can be used in many different forms.



Most of the deliverables were completed by the end of the project. The project gave us an opportunity to apply what we learnt over the last three years. In particular, the project gave us a ‘never say no’ attitude as it involved website development, in which none of us have much experience.

It is recommended that further iterations of this project could benefit from adding random lucky draw winners and a digital game library. Excel files can be used for data visualization techniques with populated data.

Our team enjoyed working on the Wellycon project and learnt a lot about working in teams and managing workloads.


Amarpreet Singh

Amarpreet Singh

Course: Graduate Diploma in Information Technology

I have completed Graduate Diploma in Information Technology from Wellington Institute of Technology (WelTec). Currently, I am working as peer tutor for Whitireia. I am looking for full time job in the IT field. I want to use my skills and knowledge to gain further experience in IT industry.