Student Streaming System

Student Streaming System

Data Import Utility to get Excel into DB


  • Mohammad Ansari
  • MJ Choi



Current WelTec timetable system does not provide options for users to explore timetable combinations or to check remaining stream capacity. The system also displays other courses irrelevant to an individual student’s study programme.

Student Streaming System is a dynamic web application that allows users to experiment with course selections without having to log in. Selected courses will then be displayed in a calendar form, showing remaining stream capacity and display warningfor the students. Other key features of this system include dynamic data display, increased security using reCAPTCHA, visual indicators, and additional printing and email notification functions.



The project was started by gathering system requirements from the client. Based on the functionality requirements gathered, the team worked on assigning responsibilities and creating a plan of action to follow, including RACI and Gantt charts.

The team then analysed what the system should do, and requirements specification was documented. Once system analysis was completed, the team focused on designing the system and how we were going to achieve them. This included creating prototypes for the user interface of the application, allowing the team’s understanding was on the right track with the client’s requirements.

After system analysis and designing components were completed, the team started the development phase by working on coding and implementing features to the system.

Initially, this project was developed using the ASP.NET Core MVC framework and Microsoft SQL Server database management system but the team had issues with extracting data from spreadsheet using ASP.NET Core. As a result, the team has decided to use the ASP.NET MVC framework and was able to overcome the problem.

Combination of both Waterfall and Agile methodologies were used to develop this project. The team realised that the major problem we experienced was caused by following the Waterfall approach. Once we realised this, we decided to adapt to Agile methodology and focus on deliverables. From there on, we divided our tasks differently.

One focused on the documentations, such as the training manual and the testing, while the other continued to work on building more features to the system, which worked out better.



Apart from learning and developing new skills while carrying out the project, the team has learned the importance of having good communications and how it contributes to team collaboration. Although the team faced many obstacles, this project made us work more closely as a team to achieve our common goals.


Mohammed Ansari

Mohammad Ansari

Course: Bachelor of Information Technology

I am a third-year student studying Bachelor of Information Technology at Wellington Institute of Technology. Currently doing my internship at Inference LTD as Data Engineer. I enjoy working in an Agile environment and am keen on learning more new technologies. 


MJ Choi Copy

Mj Choi

Course: Bachelor of Information Technology

I am a third-year student studying Bachelor of Information Technology at WelTec.  I am also a soon-to-be Intern Software Developer at Snapper.