RDANZI Web & App System



  • Piyush Sharma
  • Chandan Waila
  • Uriah Twohill
  • Gautam Mehta


Roller Derby Association of New Zealand Incorporated (RDANZI), is the organisation responsible for organizing Roller Derby events throughout New Zealand. The goal of this project is to create a web-based application for event booking system that allowusers to assign, create and manage roller derby events, rosters of volunteers for the events, and User Game Histories.

Currently, there is no booking or roster system for RDANZI. Volunteers are organized by word of mouth and private message groups. Genius CPU’S have set out to create a fix for this problem.



Within the development phase, Genius CPU’s have used the Kanban methodology. This includes the use of a ‘Kanban Board’ from JIRA software to track tasks, scope, and requirements dynamically throughout the project with the goal of staying on track with the estimates set out in the Gantt Chart created at the start of the project.

We have used Visual Studio to develop the Application for our client using the ASP.NET MVC framework. To create the backend (or inner functionalities of the application), we have chosen to use C#, HTML, jQuery, JavaScript, SQL Server, and CSS for all the development.

We also tested the Web Application to ensure that it can support multiple users at once as demonstrated by stress test cases to ensure the steadiness of the application. As well as this many other manual and unit tests were carried out on the application to demonstrate the functionalities that have been fulfilled, this ensures the user’s requests are processed safely through the network and created as per the client’s requirements.

Along with this, we have held regular meetings with the client to discuss the scope and requirements needed for the application. This included regular demonstrations to the client as the application was developed.



The project is working, and most of the requirements have been met, we have also produced an application summary document that describes the current state of the application, what functionalities were and weren’t met, as well as problems we encountered during development and advice on where to start for any project team that decides to take this project on in the future for further development.

As requested by the client the features and functionality are user-friendly and provides the requirements for all volunteers to create and manage events and their rosters, as well as keep track of the history of the games that users have volunteered at. As well as the basic user functionalitieswe have also achieved a good amount of Administrator functionalities that will give them more control over the application and the database.



Piyush Sharma

Piyush Sharma

Contact: piyush.sharma@it.weltec.ac.nz

Course: Bachelor of Information Technology

I am a final year student studying a Bachelor of Information Technology at Wellington Institute of Technology. I will be completing my degree in February 2021. I am currently working as a Business Analyst at Volunteering New Zealand. I am a team player with amazing team collaboration skills. I was an Events Coordinator at Student Connection at Wellington Institute of Technology. After my graduation, I would love to work as a Junior IT Business Analyst. I am eagerly looking forward to gaining a wide range of skills from this degree, an opportunity to grow myself in the IT industry.  



Chandan Waila

Chandan Waila

Contact: chandan.waila@it.weltec.ac.nz

Course: Bachelor of Information Technology

I am currently studying Bachelor of Information Technology at Wellington Institute of Technology Petone Campus. To complete my degree, I am intending to study the last two papers in the summer of 2020. Along with my Degree I have also done a Diploma of Technical Support. I am a big believer in teamwork and this project has allowed me to work in a team and gain more skills and experience. After my Degree is complete, I will be seeking full time work in the Information Technology industry. I strive to gain knowledge and further develop my learning from my Degree. My preferred area within Information Technology is Cyber Security and would like the opportunity to work in this field. I look forward to the upcoming opportunities this Degree will allow me with and to work in an environment with growing technology. 


Uriah Twohill

Uriah Twohill

Contact: ugtwohill@gmail.com

Course: Bachelor of Information Technology

I am a student currently studying at WelTec Petone campus. I have one trimester left next year, (2021) to complete my degree which will leave me with a Bachelors of I.T. (Software Development Major), and a Diploma of Technical Support from WelTec, a Diploma of Contemporary Music from NMIT (Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology), and a Certificate of Arts & Creativity from the Learning Connexion (an art school in Taita, Lower Hutt). Although not all of my qualifications are I.T. related, I am a big believer in the importance of holistic learning and the mixing of different industries and knowledge areas in order for different industries to learn from and influence each other. I will be looking for work related to I.T. once I am finished with my studies, I look forward to finding new ways to use I.T. to bring efficiencies and new technologies to other fields and industries in the future, learning and growing as a person as I do so.  


Gautam Mehta

Gautam Mehta

Contact: gautam.mehta@it.weltec.ac.nz 

Course: Bachelor of Information Technology

I am a final year student at Wellington Institute of Technology (WelTec), Petone. I will Graduate in November 2020 with the Bachelor of Information Technology. Currently I am also Interning with DATACOM, in a Networking team. I believe that this knowledge and experience of Internship will be a big addition to my profile. I have learned a lot doing Capstone Project, this has helped me grow as someone wanting to develop in the IT Industry.  If I get to choose an area in IT, it would be Networking.