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The COVID-19 Tracker is a dashboard representing the COVID-19 worldwide impact along with monthly and daily infection rateand change in mobility in different regions of a country due to lockdown and the correlation between them. The COVID-19 Tracker includes deep analysis of countries having a population of over 100 million and over0.2 millionCovid-19 confirmed cases. This is currently the case in India, Brazil, and Mexico. It also includes New Zealand. Deep Analysis of change in mobility is done region wise for these four countries.

COVID-19 has badly impacted economies worldwide. There is research going on worldwide to determine the influence of Covid-19 on various sectors so that pre-planned measures can be taken to minimise the impact of similar pandemicin the future. The audience for this project is wide and aimed at the public, government and other organisations with a vested interest in the impact of COVID-19.

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The main goal of this project was to visualise the impact of COVID-19. The team started by collecting and understanding the client’s requirements. The team planned for the activities required to complete this project successfully.

For the design phase, our team researched to understand exactly what our client wanted. Our project advisor and the client were supportive and explained their requirements in detail.

The research was carried out to gather data from different sources. The system analysis and design documents including user stories, diagrams, prototypes, wireframes, etc. were developed to have an idea of the reporting system required for the project.

The methodology that was chosen was SCRUMWe decided to work on three sprints. Each sprint included database designing, coding, dashboard designing and testing. In the middle of the project, the team had to go through change control. The team added another sprint in the project to meet the client’s requirements.

Manual testing was carried out as per IEEE 829 format. Regression testing was done after each sprint, to ensure the quality of the product. User Acceptance Testing was also carried out at the end with the client’s permission.

After finishing all the sprints, our team prepared the product manual and documents for the client handover. All the necessary documents for academic and over were prepared after the client handover. Our team faced some issues during the project which we were able to overcome and we were able to meet our client’s expectations.

 3 Dashboard displaying change


Our client was happy with our team performance as when we were faced with an issuewe went through the change control process to maintain the quality of the product.

As a team, we have gained experience and respect for each other’s strengthsHaving a working product and being able to work through problems that we faced in developing the COVID-19 Tracker Dashboard will be helpful to us when working in the IT industry soon.


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