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It is really important to make your accommodation arrangements for your first days in New Zealand before you leave your home country.  Whitireia and WelTec offer a variety of accommodation options to suit your needs and we can help you make the best choice for your situation.

As part of our service to International Students, the International support team is available to help you with your accommodation needs and to assist you to settle into whatever type of accommodation you choose. 

Read below for information about short and long-term accommodation options, including:


Whitireia and WelTec approved homestay

  • We can help you find homestay accommodation through our registered homestay hosts. They are New Zealand families who will support and assist you in becoming familiar with New Zealand life. Your English skills will develop quickly as well. All the host families are police vetted.
  • You need to book a homestay a minimum of 2 weeks before arriving in New Zealand.

Accommodation Placement Fee NZ$ 300.00

Homestay fee is NZ$300.00 per week (a minimum of four weeks homestay to be paid - NZ$1,200.00)


Short term Accommodation in Wellington.

Wellington city and the surrounding suburbs have a number of short term and temporary accommodation options. When arranging these please ensure you go through the proper websites as these will provide you with some level of protection.  Ranked second in the world for the personal safety of its residents and visitors, Wellington is one of the only capital cities in the world accredited as a 'Safe Community’ - a ranking endorsed by the World Health Organisation

Check out Airbnb. Make sure you select the monthly stay option to get the best prices.  There are also a number of backpacker/hostel accommodation options at Hostelworld Once you arrive you can also look on the notice boards on all campus’s for accommodation options with other students.


Advice on renting a private apartment or house

  • Other accommodation options are renting independently or flatting (sharing an apartment/house) with other people.
  • If you decide to rent or flat there are some regulations, you need to get familiar with before entering into an agreement with the owner of the apartment (Landlord)
  • Tenancy Agreement: by law, there must be an agreement in writing, the landlord must provide you with a copy of it, read all the clauses carefully. If you are unsure don’t sign the agreement and ask for advice Read more about your rights as a tenant here
  • If you are living with other people in one flat, one of you will be the leaseholder, this means the person who signs the rental agreement and will be responsible for the flat.  You will need a Bond: equivalent to 4 weeks rent, this safeguards the landlord from any damage you may cause, or if you fail to pay rent. All Bonds are held by the Tenancy Services and are refundable when you move from the property (if all is in order)
  • Rent is often paid weekly (not monthly)
  • You may pay for your rent through direct debit (deposit) or automatic payment into the landlord’s bank account, if you pay in cash you must receive a receipt for your records.
  • You need to consider other costs like electricity, gas, internet, telephone (landline) and food.
  • Read more about Tenancy Law here

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Homestay Information

General Accommodation Information

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Health Insurance

As part of your student visa condition, you are required to have health insurance to be able to study in New Zealand. 

The New Zealand Government’s Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016 (including Amendments 2019)  requires all international students to have appropriate health and travel insurance during their period of study. 

Uni-Care NZ Student Plan is our default insurance provider for international students. More information about the Uni-Care NZ Student Plan can be found here. 

The insurance fee is listed in your Offer of Place. 

You will be covered automatically once you’ve paid your fee, from the date of departure to New Zealand (provided this isn’t more than 31 days prior to your programme start date) until the expiry date or cancellation of your visa to study with us. 

If you don’t want to use our Uni-Care NZ Student Plan Insurance, you can choose the following pre-approved policies, which meet our requirements: 

  • Allianz Student Safe
  • Southern Cross International Student Travel Insurance
  • Orbit Protect Policy 

If you choose one of these policies, you must: 

  • organise your cover before you arrive in New Zealand
  • provide a copy of your policy certificate for approval
  • sign a waiver to say you’ll take responsibility for your insurance and keep it up to date. 

Please note: Your enrolment will not be completed, and you will not be entitled to attend classes or access services until you have appropriate insurance coverage. 

Family insurance

You can purchase insurance for your family through Uni-Care as well, if they are travelling with you. The contact number are:


Phone: 0064 9 362 4039 

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