Visa Support

Whitireia Auckland campus offers a service to assist students with Student Visa renewal (Provider Direct) and Student visa (online).


1. Student Visa - Provider Direct (PDS)

PDS visa processing service is a smooth and efficient online service designed to lessen the time required for the visa renewal process.

The PDS visa processing service is available students re-enrolling for studies at Whitireia. It is also available to students holding a current student visa, in New Zealand who have completed their study as intended on their current student visa. To be eligible students need to provide evidence of attending all classes with 95% attendance and of achieving an academic performance of 75% passing rate.

 Eligible students will be directed towards the PDS visa renewal service when an offer is made to them for a study place at the next study period.

 The following documents are required for a PDS visa renewal:

  • Completed Student Visa Application form (INZ 1012)
  • Two recent passport-sized photographs
  • Valid passport (if you recently renewed your passport, bring both)
  • Offer of place and tuition fee receipt
  • Evidence of satisfactory progress and attendance (New students need to provide their attendance and academic transcripts from their previous school. Returning students can obtain this information via Student Support Services)
  • Uni-Care Insurance Policy or other provider, covering the whole student visa period
  • Bank Statement confirming sufficient funds for cost of living while studying in New Zealand. Evidence is needed of:
    • NZ$15,000/year of study for a course longer than 36 weeks, or NZ$1,250/month of study for courses less than 36 weeks. Students will be asked for an explanation if amounts higher than NZ$3,000 are deposited in their account
    • Or Sponsorship Forms (INZ 1025)/Financial Undertaking for a student (INZ 1014) accompanied by guarantor’s certified copy of evidence of citizenship/residency and bank statement stamped or certified by a bank
  • Medical Certificate (latest medical records submitted to INZ must not be older than 36 months).
  • Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) from student’s country of origin (latest PCC submitted to INZ must not be older than 24 months).
  • Evidence of outward travel (a fully paid travel ticket or additional NZ$1,500 shown in the bank statement).
  • Students are encouraged to submit their visa application through PDS one month before the student visa expiry date. The cost of this service is NZ233 payable by the student


2. Student Visa (Online)

The Student Visa (Online) processing is available to all students who are not eligible to renew visa via PDS. The Student Support Advisors will guide students to apply for a Student Visa (online) as requested.

The documents required for a Student Visa (online) are the same as a PDS visa application. Immigration New Zealand charges NZ$275 for the application fee.


3. Post-study Work Visa

An international student may be eligible for a Post-Study work visa if they have successfully completed a qualification at Whitireia, Auckland campus. Please visit Immigration New Zealand’s website for more information.