Auckland Campus Updates

Whitireia and WelTec are closing their Auckland campus at the end of 2020. We remain committed to continuing to offer international education at WelTec and Whitireia – but from next year, we’ll only do so from our three campuses across the Wellington region.

  1. For Whitireia students studying at Auckland campus, whose study continues into next year, Please contact (phone number +6499513915)  for an individual study plan;

  2. For Wellington International students, it’s study as usual. There are no changes planned, but if you would like more information from our support team, please contact (phone number: +6449202505)

  3. For new International students enquiring about study opportunities in 2021 or Whitireia and WelTec programmes, please  contact (phone number: +6449202505)


Auckland International Students

Auckland graduating students can decide whether to receive their qualification by post, or to attend the formal graduation ceremony in Wellington in 2021.

Apply online – WelTec Graduands

Receive your qualification or attend the Graduation, complete the WelTec Apply to Graduate form.

Apply online – Whitireia Graduands

Receive your qualification or attend the Graduation, complete the Whitireia Apply to Graduate form.

Please note that there are costs associated with attending this Ceremony in Wellington that you will have to meet.

We advise you to make this decision early, as applications to attend the formal graduation do have a close off date and we wouldn’t want you to miss out! 

Learn more about Whitireia and WelTec Graduation