Business Graduate Stamp (Thitiwarada) Min

Thitiwarada Min, aka Stamp, completed her Postgraduate Diploma Level 7 in Business, Sales and marketing with Whitireia & WelTec in November last year. Since then, she has been working at New Zealand Financial Services Group (NZFSG) as help desk support. Stamp chose Whitireia & WelTec’s Postgraduate course because she liked how quick it was, and because she knew she could keep her 2 part-time jobs and study at the same time. 

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In under a year, she was able to learn everything she wanted to about business, sales, and marketing. “What I really loved about WelTec was the people. The tutors are helpful and knowledgeable, and the classes are small enough that you get the attention you need.” She first heard about WelTec through a study agent based in Thailand. She told them what she wanted to study, and they found her the perfect programme. Stamp was thrilled to be able to land a job in the industry just a few months after graduation. Stamp’s WelTec tutors gave her the advice she needed, as she wasn’t sure what kinds of jobs she could apply for with her new qualification.

For now, Stamp is happy to work at NZFSG to learn as much as she can, but she hopes to return to Thailand to help her dad with his small business. “You can do a lot with this qualification. I’d love to own my own business someday, but right now I just want to get all the experience I can.”