IT Graduate Anastasia Mikhaylova

Anastasia Mikhaylova decided to move to NZ from Russia in 2017. She came here for the lifestyle as she had been working in a large, congested city in China for 11 years.

She wanted to get into IT because the work opportunities are so rich, and she had a BA but no experience in IT. She decided to study at WelTcc because the tutors are industry professionals who have worked at some of the best IT places in New Zealand and overseas. While she was studying at WelTec, she participated in Wellington’s Summer of Tech where she landed an internship with Flux Federation (, part of the Meridian family, where she is now a Test Analyst. 


As a test analyst, Anastasia has to work out where risks are within Flux products (like the Powershop app), figuring out how something can break and making sure everything meets the high standard of launch criteria. She also helps onboard new test analysts as Flux grows. Her favourite part of working in IT is that she’s learning something new every day. “It’s never boring; there’s always something happening.” She loves working with a team of smart people she can learn from, and as a young mother, working in IT works well for her family as she can work from home easily.

Her advice for anyone who wants to get into IT is to study it. “Focus on one area, focus on your passion.” Anastasia’s next goal is to become a quality assurance engineer. “I would like to help improve the quality of the Flux product suite as we get bigger and launch them all over the world.”