Health and Safety Guidelines

We have strict health and safety measures in place to keep you, your fellow students and tutors safe on campus. Please read the information below and confirm within the Survey Question 5 that you have understood and agree to these guidelines. 

  1. I won’t come onto campus if I’m unwell or I live with someone who is unwell.
  2. I will inform my tutor directly, via email, if I or someone in my household bubble is being tested for COVID-19. 
  3. I will stay home and seek advice from my GP or call Healthline on 0800 358 5453 if I or anyone in my household bubble has any of the following symptoms - fever, cough , sore throat , shortness of breath , sneezing or a runny nose). I will also contact my tutor, by email, to tell them. 
  4. When I arrive at the designated campus entry checkpoint, I will be asked to produce my student or other ID and confirm my name and address. I will do this quickly and answer the health questions honestly. I will also need to sign out at the checkpoint when exiting the campus. 
  5. I understand that my tutor will provide a health and safety induction on each of my exam days which will provide me with specific instructions to keep myself and others safe while on campus.
  6. I will follow the directions of staff at the check-in point and the instructions on-campus signage. 
  7. I will bring my own water bottle and understand no food is allowed during exams.
  8. I understand that I cannot meet up with other people in other areas of the campus. 
  9. I will behave professionally while I am on campus at all times. I will not behave in any way that makes my fellow students and tutors feel unsafe during this time when health and wellbeing are even more important. I will not joke, make up information or otherwise pretend that COVID-19 is a risk in our classroom.


Please confirm you have understood and agree to abide by the guidelines by clicking “Yes” on Question 5.