Customer Service and Retail Operations

Customer Service and Retail Operations are a selection of unit standards at levels 2 and 3 that offer a strong, coordinated suite of learning packages where students can comfortably progress from Y12 and Y13 through to the workplace.  They provide students with:

  • A learning pathway outside of core curriculum subjects
  • An opportunity to gain a wide variety of unit standards relevant to potential career paths
  • An opportunity to link individual learning to the workplace
  • Courses flexible enough to meet individual timetable requirements


Campus: Offered as a distance programme within secondary schools
Cost: Varying depending on course - Programme Cost Guide
Days/Hours: Can be enrolled at any point during school year and fitted into students timetable as needed
Equipment: Resources provided to teachers, there should be work placement through STAR/Gateway or their own part-time employment

Anytime throughout the school year

Application: Teachers can apply on their students behalf directly to Liz Waterhouse (see contact details below)
Qualification: NZ Certificate in Retail (Customer Service and Support) Level 2 and NZ Certificate in Retail Level 3
Credits: Credits vary depending on program - STAR Retail Brochure


Contact Details:

Tutor: Liz Waterhouse

Phone: 04 830 5551