This program has been developed to give students an authentic working insight into the requirements of a kitchen worker in the industry.

Topics covered include practical skills based on commodities such as meat, fish, vegetable, egg, rice and pasta dishes. Students learn about hot & cold desserts and basic plating techniques. These skills are complimented with content preparing the students for the expectation of employers in the industry with topics such as food safety, standard operating procedures and interaction with fellow staff, managers and customers.

There is an expectation that students take responsibility for their own success which builds confidence and life skills such as time management and personal presentation.

On successful completion of all unit standards the student is awarded a national certificate – NZ2100 New Zealand Certificate in Cookery Level 3. Graduates are prepared to enter the industry in an entry level position. There is also scope to staircase onto further tertiary pathways such as NZ cert in Baking Level 3 or Level 4, or NZ Cert in Cookery Level 4.

Campus: The School of Hospitality, Wellington  
Cost:  Free  
Days: Monday & Tuesday  
Hours: 9.00am – 2.30pm (half hour lunch)   
Equipment: Protective clothing and safety equipment is provided if appropriate   
Travel: This is provided free, subject to students meeting the MoE requirements   
Dates:  Tuesday 9 February – Tuesday 9 November 2021 (34 weeks), normal school holidays apply   
Application:  Students must be enrolled in a secondary school in the Wellington region and be enrolled in the WTA by their secondary school   
Interview: Students must attend an interview. We encourage a family member or school representative to attend   


NCEA Level 3 with credit towards Vocational Pathway award. 


On successful completion of this course, students will have gained 60 Level 3 credits. 

Learning Outcomes

A student successfully completing this strand will be able to:

  •  apply health and safety, food safety and security practices to ensure own safety and minimize potential hazards for customers
  • communicate effectively and behave in a professional manner with colleagues, managers and customers
  • follow standard operating procedures to deal with familiar problems in a commercial kitchen
  • apply fundamental cookery skills to prepare, cook and present a range of basic dishes employing commodities commonly used in industry
  • qualify for the New Zealand Certificate in Cookery (Level 3) 


Assessment is competency-based against unit standard outcomes and related evidence requirements.
They will follow the processes required by NZQA and relevant industry requirements as outlined by the relevant Industry Training Organisations


Students will be assessed against the following criteria:


Course Title Title Credits Version

Introductory Cookery Skills

Comprises the following unit standards: 

3 12  
13314    Prepare and cook egg dishes in a commercial kitchen 3 4 6
13316    Prepare and cook basic pasta dishes in commercial kitchen 3 3 5
27928   Interact with other staff, managers and customers to provide service delivery outcomes 3 5 1

Applied Kitchen & Food Practices

Comprises the following unit standards: 

13310   Prepare and produce basic hot and cold dessert items in a commercial kitchen  3 5 5
27927    Apply health. safety and security practices to service delivery operations  3 5 1
27955    Apply food safety practices in a food-related establishment  3 5 3

Fundamental Cookery Skills

Comprises of the following unit standard:

3 15  
13293    Prepare and cook basic vegetables dishes in commercial kitchen 3 6 5
13304    Prepare and cook basic fish dishes in a commercial kitchen 3 4 6
27929    Apply standard operating procedures and the code of conduct to a work role in a service delivery organisation 3 5 1

Commercial Kitchen Practice

Comprises of the following unit standards:

3 18  
13315    Prepare and cook rice farinaceous dishes in a commercial kitchen 3 6 5
13288    Prepare and cook basic meat dishes in a commercial kitchen 3 8 5
13322    Prepare and cook basic pastry dishes in a commercial kitchen 3 4 5


Study Pathways 

NZ Certificate in Food and Beverage (Level 4)

NZ Certificate Tourism and Travel (Level 3)

NZ Certificate in Cookery (Level 4)

NZ Certificate in Baking (Level 3) WelTec

NZ Certificate in Baking (Level 3) Whitireia