STAR Courses let students study programmes outside their secondary school

We want to help young people discover what they are passionate about by offering STAR courses that let students study programmes outside of their secondary school. This is an opportunity for secondary school students to create a clear pathway into tertiary programmes or to achieve vocational credits alongside their school qualifications.


How it Works

A Secondary Tertiary Alignment Resource (STAR) course introduces secondary school students to training for a chosen career or study at tertiary level. STAR courses are short and are only available through polytechnics and private training organisations. Programmes of study include technology and general Curriculum subjects.

Students participate in short-term programmes or introductory courses’ for a few days at a time or one day per week for several weeks. Over one or two days, they will gain an insight into possible areas of further study without the pressure of being assessed.

Experience Days and Information Seminars are also available across a range of disciplines.

For more information about STAR, please contact your Careers Advisor at school.