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Log Into Campus Computers Eduroam WiFi Register Or Reset Password
Free Office 365 Join Zoom Meeting
Share Screen On Zoom
Add Virtual Background Zoom For iOS and Android  


IT Services - Logging onto our on-campus computers

How to log onto the on-campus computers.


IT Services - Logging onto the 'eduroam' WiFi

How to log onto the on-campus WiFi.


IT Services - Register or reset your password

How to register and reset your password. This is so you can unlock your account if you forget your password or need to update it.


IT Services - Accessing your free Office365 student account

How to log into your free Office 365 student account - includes where you can download free versions of your Microsoft software.


Zoom - How To Join A Meeting

Read more about Joining A Meeting 


Zoom - How To Share Your Screen 

Read more about Sharing Your Screen


Zoom - How To Add A Virtual Background

Read more about Virtual Backgrounds 


Zoom - iOS And Android Guides 

iOS Guide: Zoom iOS

Android Guide: Zoom Android