Compulsory Student Services Fee

A CSSF is a fee that we charge domestic students to deliver services that help students succeed. This fee is included in your tuition fees.


How much it costs

Whitireia & WelTec’s CSSF fee is $320 per full-time student and helps pay for the following student services:

  • Advocacy and legal advice
    Advocating on behalf of individual students and groups of students, and providing independent support to resolve problems. This includes advocacy and legal advice relating to accommodation.

  • Careers information, advice and guidance
    Supporting students to find employment in their career of choice

  • Counselling services
    Providing non-academic counselling, advice, and pastoral care

  • Employment information
    Providing information about employment opportunities for students while they’re studying

  • Financial support and advice
    Providing hardship assistance and financial advice 

  • Health services
    Providing health care and related welfare services

  • Media
    Supporting sharing of information to students, including newspapers, radio, television and digital media

  • Childcare services
    Providing affordable childcare services for parents

  • Clubs and societies
    Supporting social, academic and cultural clubs and societies

  • Sports, recreation and cultural activities
    Providing sports, recreation, and cultural activities