How To Use Our Fillable-forms

Download and save the required fillable form to your computer before you start adding your informationForms must not be completed through your web browser. 

To complete a fillable-form, follow these steps: 

  • Check to see if you have Adobe Reader (or Adobe Acrobat DC) installed 
    How do I check? 

It looks like this in your applications folder

Acrobat Start

Try searching for the name ‘Adobe’ in your search bar:

Acrobat Search

If you can’t find it; you can download it from Adobe Acrobat Reader Download

  • Right-click the form you want to use  

  • Select  “Save Link As” from the menu and save ‘where’ and click ‘ok’ 

  • Close or minimise your browser window 

  • Open your saved version of the form with Adobe Reader/Acrobat DC. (You may need to right-click and select “Open With”). It’s important not to use the version in your web browser 

  • In Adobe Reader, enter your details into the fillable-form 

  • Sign the document (if needed) with a Digital Signature – there are notes on how to do this below 

Our Forms May Ask For A Signature

You can sign our fillable-forms using a digital signature. This is an easy way to sign any pdf document without the need for a printer. Digital signatures are secure, electronic signatures that are certified to ensure legitimacy. 

To use a digital signature click into the Signature box in the fillable-form 

  •  If this is your first time using this function, you will be asked to setup a digital signature identity. Follow the link below to learn how.

Create A Digital Signature

Select your Digital ID/Signature and click “Continue”. 

Use the cursor to place your signature in the Signature box, and save the file when complete.