Enrolment Disclaimer

Whitireia and WelTec endeavour to provide accurate material on their websites; whitireiaweltec.ac.nz, whitireia.ac.nz, weltec.ac.nz, and teauaha.com. However, the information covered, including the availability and structure of programmes, is subject to regular review and we cannot guarantee accuracy of this information. Users should refer to the relevant faculty for confirmation of the accuracy of the material. Whitireia and WelTec do not accept liability for any losses or damage arising directly or indirectly from reliance on the information.

Applicants who meet entry requirements are selected on a first come first served basis. If applications to any of these courses/programmes exceed places available, applicants can be wait-listed until the next available course/programme.

Whitireia and WelTec reserve the right to cancel or postpone any of these courses and/or programmes and shall not be liable for any claim other than the proportion of course/programme fee that the cancelled portion bears. Courses and programmes are dependent upon Ministry of Education funding allocation and number of enrolments.


Email Disclaimer

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