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Rights and Responsibilities

We are committed to providing a safe and positive learning and working environment for all students, so everyone can meet their learning goals. You can expect to be treated with fairness, dignity and respect by staff and other students. We will provide:

  • Competent, professional and effective teaching, and relevant content
  • Regular feedback and fair assessment
  • Opportunities to give feedback on the teaching, programme and student experience
  • A safe, secure and inclusive environment in which all staff and students can flourish and be valued
  • Freedom from intimidation, violence, bullying, cyber-bullying, unreasonable disruption, unlawful discrimination, or any harassment
  • Trustworthy handling and retention of personal confidential information
  • Access to appropriate and sufficient learning spaces and resources
  • Access to appropriate academic, health, welfare, cultural and pastoral support
  • A safe, clean and healthy working environment
  • Access to Regulations and Procedures that affect you
  • Access to your student record

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What is expected of you as a Student

Our commitment to you is based on the concept of Ako, a reciprocal relationship that is characterised by mutual respect, effort and responsibility.  Learning happens together when we all engage in the journey. Therefore as a student, you are expected to:

  • Take responsibility for your own behaviour
  • Participate in your own learning, demonstrating academic integrity
  • Respect the dignity and rights of all members of the community
  • Respect the environment and property of students, staff, visitors and neighbours
  • Not cause harm to any other person, either by something you do, or something that you fail to do
  • Maintain the privacy of any confidential information you may have access to
  • Keep campus buildings and grounds smoke-free
  • While on campus or involved in institutional activities, be free from the influence of non-prescription drugs and alcohol

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Concerns and complaints

If you feel Weltec or Whitireia have not met their responsibilities as outlined above, or you have a concern about a staff member or another student, we strongly encourage you to first discuss your concerns directly with us or that person, or you may wish to take this further by bringing it to the attention of your programme manager. You may also seek advice from support staff about the processes involved, including the formal complaint procedure, and the options available to you. Support staff available to help you with this include Māori, Pasifika, International support staff, and the Student Advocacy service: see the Student Helpdesk for contact details.

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Disciplinary actions

If you behave in a way that is inconsistent with what is expected of you as outlined above, including using material without referencing in your assignments, copying others’ work or knowingly letting others copy your work, then you will face disciplinary action from your School.

The first step for any misconduct is an informal discussion between the people involved. Most incidents are resolved at this stage.

The second step is a more formal process of meetings and investigations. It is likely that the outcome will require a change of behaviour from you, as well as assistance to make these changes.

If this does not resolve the issues, then further meetings will be held, and stronger sanctions may be applied. In the most serious cases, this can result in your enrolment being terminated.

Where a staff member considers that your behaviour is affecting the immediate safety and wellbeing of other students or staff, you can be asked to leave the class or the campus for 24 hours.

At all stages of the process, you as a student are entitled to representation, support and advice. You will be given opportunities to put your side of the story and to appeal any decision.

Contact the Student Advocate through the Student Helpdesks.

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Please refer to the Taikura procedures in section A5 Student Support here