Whitireia and WelTec (the Institutions) value the important role that environmental sustainability plays in the community and the potential impact on future generations.

The Institutions will:

a) Promote, maintain, and improve a culture of environmental sustainability on campus, and embed sustainable practices

b) Protect New Zealand’s environment and continually improve environmental performance

The Institutions comply with legislative requirements, including regulatory licences and consent conditions.


“We support our students and the community in developing sustainability initiatives”

We are looking for sustainability ideas\volunteers if you would like to join us or if you have any ideas please contact us here hse@wandw.ac.nz

Whitireia and WelTec have a Sustainability Policy and we will be putting together a strategy which will include;

  • Policy and decision making - Sustainability is embedded into Whitireia and WelTec's policy framework and values
  • Communication and engagement - Increase staff and student awareness, action and participation in sustainability at Whitireia and WelTec
  • Travel and transport - Complete a transport strategy for each campus and increase the use of sustainable transport to and between campuses.
  • Waste and recycling - Reduce the volume of waste to landfill
  • Water - Reduce mains water consumption
  • Natural environment - Complete a biodiversity management plan and embed biodiversity considerations into campus planning



The Whitireia and WelTec Joint Leadership Team lead sustainability practices in business decisions and promote awareness of sustainability issues.

The Health, Safety and Sustainability team promote activities to improve sustainable practice