Student Voice


Student Voice Representatives

Student Voice Representatives are important contact points for both students and staff. All Whitireia & WelTec students can be a Student Voice Representative, but you need to be elected by your peers. 

Each class is required to elect a Student Voice Representative, to be the communication link between students, WelTec, and Whitireia. Once nominated, the tutor will advise the Student Voice rep's details to the appropriate Student Advocate, who will arrange training and support. Student Voice Reps will also meet regularly with their tutor or programme manager. Reps provide information to fellow classmates, bring ideas and issues of concern on behalf of the class to the attention of the Student Advocates. Student Voice Reps act as an important point of contact for both students and staff. For more information, visit cr contact the Student Helpdesks on any campus. 

What they do

  • interact with Heads and Associate Heads of School to communicate key messages

  • encourage class discussion

  • participate in leadership training to further your skills

  • volunteer in class and lead discussions 

  • keep students and staff informed about current happenings and challenges that occur

  • meet once or twice a trimester to meet with the Head or Associate Heads of your school

  • attend a training session each term – there are beginner and advanced sessions to suit your experience

  • represent the Student Voice Representative in the Student Council. 

This is a unique opportunity to make an impact. Visit us in the Student Connection Zone in the Learning Commons, Petone Campus.

Student Connection 

Student Connection is an established student representative body which ensures that important student matters are voiced and considered. Run by students for students, Student Connection facilitates opportunities which champion the student's voice and enhance student life and learning. Members are elected annually by their peers, with the aim of representing student interests across a wide range of student demographics. 


Student Advocacy

Student Advocacy is provided through our Student Advocate who provide a listening ear, guidance, and support you through the process of resolving any issues, concerns or questions you may have including but not limited to the following;

  • Courses
  • Tutor/Programme Managers
  • Class/Course Resourcing
  • Personal/Peer Concerns 

​To arrange a confidential discussion with a Student Advocate, make an appointment or request their contact details through any of the Student Helpdesks.

If you have any concerns or issues with your courses or your tutors, our Student Advocate is here to help you. They provide a listening ear and advice and can guide and support you through the process of resolving your issue. 


Student Surveys

Student surveys are our most effective way to collect evidence on the opinions and experiences of our students to improve the programmes and services provided at WelTec and Whitireia. We therefore strongly encourage and appreciate your participation.

You can expect a ‘First Impressions Survey’ within the first six weeks of beginning your studies, while a ‘Student Experience Survey’ will be available about six weeks before the end of your programme or the academic year. You may also be requested to complete a survey on one or more of your courses and tutors.


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