Results and Certificates

Find out everything you need to know about how to access your results, academic records, and qualification certificate.

Provisional results

Access your provisional results.

Talk to your tutor about any questions you have. Please check your contact details and address is up to date so that you can receive your results at a later date. We will post overseas if needed.

Official results notifications

Once all the results from your programme are approved, an Official Results Notification is posted. These are your final course results for your enrolment at WelTec. Finalising results can take up to 6 weeks after the official programme end date. Ask your Tutor if you need more information.

Official Results Notifications can be used for official purposes, are final and approved results and are issued for each programme you are enrolled in.

Academic Records

If you have completed a qualification you will receive an Academic Record in the mail. We will post it as soon as your qualification result is final. When receiving your Academic Record you will be given the choice of receiving your certificate in the mail or being presented at the Graduation Event in April.

The Academic Record is a complete transcript of your WelTec results and formal recognition of qualifications you have completed. You can use it for all academic entry and employment purposes.

If you are not completing a qualification and you need a full Academic Record you will not receive one automatically but you can request it by emailing or Your Academic Record is valuable to you for academic and employment purposes. We issue one per year, free to current students on request. Allow ten working days.

Unit standard results

Results for unit standards and national certificates are posted out in December. Your official results should appear on the NZQA website by mid-December.


You can choose whether to attend the Graduation Ceremony and have it presented to you or have your qualification certificate posted to you. Qualification Release and Graduation Ceremony Forms will be sent to you with your Academic Record.

We will post certificates to NZ or overseas addresses. 

You must apply to graduate for diplomas and degrees and some other programmes. If the deadline has passed, we encourage you to still complete the form for your programme.

More information about the graduation process and the application forms can be found here.