The Prime Minister has confirmed that New Zealand will move to Alert Level 1 at midnight tonight. Getting back onto campus will take some time, we can’t just ‘flick a switch’. This means that until the end of trimester 1, we’ll continue to run our classes as we have for the past two months. So, if you have been studying remotely, or have been coming to class on campus in small groups, then that will continue. This ensures that you can focus on your study and you don’t need to change your study, childcare or work arrangements again during trimester 1.  

You can come to study on campus in the library and study areas. These are open for all students to use. The booking system is not needed at Level 1.  You will need to sign in each day, for contact tracing purposes only.    

Just about all classes will return onto campus in trimester 2, assuming there’s no change to Alert Level 1.  

We need to ensure we can move swiftly to higher Alert Levels if needed. This means you must: 

  • When you arrive on campus, check-in for the day using our contact tracing system.
  • Wherever you study for the day is where you should stay for the day. That means no travelling between campuses. 
  • If you have a minor cold, such as a sniffle or cough, stay home. Let your tutor know. 
  • Let your tutor know if you are having a COVID-19 test.  
  • If someone you live with is suspected or confirmed as having COVID-19, you must self-isolate at home and advise your tutor. 
  • Please use hand-sanitiser – located around the campus – regularly. We’ll also be doing frequent cleaning. 
  • Be ready at any stage to shift to a higher Alert Level: take your laptop, power cord and resources home with you every day.  

If you have ongoing health issues and need to study from home in trimester 2, please talk to your tutor.  

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