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Centre of Learning: Business, Hospitality and Tourism 

School: Hospitality Campus

Teaching Programme:Certificate in Tourism and Travel & Diploma in Tourism and Travel  

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I am passionate about tourism and the benefits it can bring to New Zealand. When looking at the New Zealand tourism product, one major point of difference is the indigenous Māori cultural aspect. That's why Māori tourism is my research focus.

A key focus of my research is integrating my ancestry into my work. I am currently researching how traditional Māori values are being incorporated into Māori tourism businesses. This focuses on how these applications affect their business sustainability. 

Some recent research work has focused on the touristic behaviour of the Free and Independent (FIT) Chinese outbound visitor market within New Zealand. 

I believe indigenous tourism research needs to be culturally responsible and embedded in indigenous research theory. The focus needs to be on ‘giving back’ to the research participants to enhance their Tino Rangatiratanga or self-determination. This is the true value of research.


Research Papers 

Travel And Teaching An Exploratory Study 

Thoughts, Reflections And Relationships on A Tourism Field Trip


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