HSPC Current Projects


The International Paramedic Anxiety Wellbeing and Stress (IPAWS) longitudinal study is designed to map psychological wellbeing among an international cohort of paramedic graduates over a five year period. 

IPAWS will be the first longitudinal study to explore the cumulative impact of trauma on paramedic mental health against occupational experience. Baseline measures will be obtained in the final year of the participant’s tertiary qualification, enabling the psychological health and trauma profile of paramedic graduates to be explored in-depth, along with best educational practice when preparing and supporting the mental wellbeing of paramedic students worldwide. 

The study’s international remit will enable regional trends to be explored, leading to the identification of success among education institutions or employers when managing or teaching paramedic resilience and supporting psychological wellbeing. This will lead to the identification of optimal timing for intervention strategies, determined by international best practice, which in turn may lead to an improvement in paramedic mental health resulting in dramatically improved patient outcomes.

For more information contact Elizabeth Asbury.


NESP Study

We are currently conducting a study into the New Entry to Specialist Practice (NESP) nursing programme. This study will investigate the effectiveness and ongoing impact of the NESP qualification for nurses working in the areas of mental health and addiction nursing.

For more information, contact Wendy Trimmer.